GRAND ISLE, La. -- Grand Isle is the place where the specks turn on the earliest and they're living up to their reputation this week. 

Since May is the prime time for speckled trout in Grand Isle and we're still in April, what's the difference in fishing in April opposed to May? 

"You're still having to look for bait, a lot of the fish are still in the upper estuary in April and they'll start moving down I would presume," said Capt. Daryl Carpenter of

"Little Baby Mangrove, I would presume that we've got fish on the beach  all down here now but  the weather is non-conducive for us to get out there. So by May we'll have calmer weather, we'll be able to fish out front as opposed to up in the reefs, oyster reefs and all in the bays like we're doing now."

"They're so finicky this time of year one day we're catching all of our fish on plastics, the next day they won't touch the plastics and you've got to have live bait."

And they've got sheepshead in Grand Isle too!

"This month along with the early part of this year has just been outstanding," Carpenter said. "It's been like one I've never remembered. We've had no winter whatsoever, the fish seemed to have weathered over very very well, very healthy. The bait are very healthy we've got shrimp, we've got pogeys starting to show up, it looks like it's going to be great. I just hope it lasts all summer long."

Now that is your Grand Isle speckled trout and that's what you need for this Easter weekend. Come on down and get you some.