Two players from Ellender and South Terrebonne high schools were suspended from Friday night's football game after a video surfaced on the social media app Snapchat, showing students saying racial slurs including the n-word.

It is unclear whether the students will be suspended from any games in the future or from school.

"We have to investigate first. We’re not going to jump to conclusions yet," McCormick said.

Terrebonne Parish school Superintendent Philip Martin said he was not aware of the situation before speaking with the Houma Courier and Daily Comet.

"I'm mortified, horrified and disappointed if our kids are involved with that. That is just not acceptable. I was hoping we’d gone beyond that point but I guess some people haven't and we need to address that," Martin said.

When school resumes Monday, Martin said he plans to look into the situation.

Ellender won 69-43 for its first victory over South Terrebonne since 1996.

McCormick, a former South Terrebonne assistant coach for 19 years, said he and the coaching staff talked with the team before Friday night's game and players were simply there to play football and nothing more.

"Teenagers are teenagers and we just have to correct them and make them realize that when you make a mistake, you have to learn from it," McCormick said.

"It's kind of a new era (with social media)," said South Terrebonne coach Richard Curlin, who has been coaching the Gators since 1991. "It's a new era for me for sure. If you told me 30 years ago we would be dealing with this kind of stuff, I would have said you were lying. I'm not that knowledgeable about it. I don't know what the kids do, but we can definitely learn something from this. This has always been a good rivalry and we don't want it turning into something ugly."

Houma Today Writer Kelly McElroy contributed to this story.