NEW ORLEANS -- Usually employees at Brotherhood, Inc. are all about work. The nonprofit helps keep the public healthy by providing free screenings. But, today it's all about March Madness.

"It doesn't get tight for me until it gets down to the Sweet 16 and, of course, the Final Four," said Juan Hayes, IT manager at Brotherhood, Inc.

The men's basketball tournament starts with 68 teams, but things get interesting by the Sweet 16. For those who participate in the brackets, it can get competitive on the road to the national championship game.

"I work in a testosterone-dominated environment and men like to talk smack," says Veronica Magee, deputy director of the nonprofit.

"They're going to keep these papers and whoever wins, they're going to come back for their payment," added Juan.

And, in New Orleans, it's only right that the payment is food. The person who has the winning bracket gets free lunch or dinner ... or as this group likes to call it: din-ter.

"Miss Veronica always wants everyone to buy her lunch. She wants din-ter. Everyone knows that," said Nikki Napoleon, peer help navigator at Brotherhood, Inc.

"I want din-ter, not dinner, din-ter which means I want everything," Veronica said.

It's a fun rivalry that this office, like many others across the country, participate in.