LSU has four regular season games to play this season. Four games which will, in many ways, determine the next four years.

Ed Orgeron has put himself in a position to be a legitimate candidate for the job. Of course, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Texas A&M will all have a lot to say about whether or not he'll get the job.

But BEFORE he runs that gauntlet, I'm on board, I think Ed Orgeron SHOULD BE LSU's coach next year.

From the start, it appeared LSU would pursue Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher. And IF LSU can afford him, and IF he's willing to come, I get it.

Fisher has Baton Rouge ties, he cut his coaching teeth at LSU over a seven year period. He runs a modern offense. In Tallahassee, he's developed THREE quarterbacks, Jameis Winston, Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel into 1st Round NFL Draft Picks. And he won a National Championship.

Jimbo Fisher would be a great hire, and IF LSU can convince him to come back to Baton Rouge, that totally makes sense.

Right now, only Fisher really knows if coming back to Baton Rouge is lure enough to take what's pretty much a lateral job.

I'm skeptical it will happen, and I believe this 100%, if you can't get Jimbo Fisher to coach LSU next season, there is NO other candidate out there better than Ed Orgeron.

None of the candidates mentioned are sure things, none have a better wealth of experience than Ed Orgeron and no doubt, no one will out recruit Ed Orgeron.

Even the guy at the top the list, Houston's Tom Herman, is no sure thing. Right now, Herman's Houston Cougars are riding a two game losing streak, after getting beaten by Navy and SMU.

Herman was Urban Meyer's Offensive Coordinator in Ohio State's improbable National Championship run. He having success now with a quarterback, Greg Ward, who's a legitimate Heisman Trophy contender. Will Herman continue to win after Ward is gone, that's unknown.

The same is true for PJ Fleck at Western Michigan, who team is unbeaten right now. But the question for Fleck is the same as with Herman, can he win in a league that includes college football's elite? That is unknown.

I don't believe Alabama Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin or Louisville Coach Bobby Petrino are, or should be possibilities. Both have too many red flags for a job as good as LSU's.

So here's the case for Coach O...

His ability to recruit, at the highest level, is indisputable. And that's huge.

Don't judge him by his record at Ole Miss. That was a decade ago, Orgeron didn't really have the horses to compete, and in just three seasons, he didn't have time to get any momentum.

Some have criticized his 6-2 record as interim coach at Southern Cal in 2013, but considering what a train wreck that team was, 6-2 is a solid finish.

And today's Ed Orgeron is wiser and far more comfortable in the lead role. He's already doing what Les Miles never really did, he's making in game adjustments.

In the second half of Orgeron's three games as LSU's coach, the Tigers have outscored their opponents 73-7.

The offense has already opened up. Orgeron gets it. Whenever he's asked, he says it's an honor to have the job right now. And he hasn't micromanaged. He's allowed Dave Aranda, who he calls "a mad scientist" to run the defense." It's working.

Momentum is building for Ed Orgeron, although many are waiting to see how the Tigers finish. I'm jumping on board now. If LSU can't get Jimbo Fisher, and something tells me they won't... Ed Orgeron should be the Tigers coach next year.