LSU is the only SEC school that raises more money in donations for athletics than for academics.

According to a report from The Advocate, LSU raises more money for athletic programs than it does for programs that benefit the classroom in a typical year.

The university cut at least a half-dozen programs and lost several star faculty members in recent years as the state cut financial support for the flagship school by more than half, but LSU is spending more than $10 million to buy out the contract of one of the most successful head football coaches in the school's history.

It might seem like the norm that all universities with major football programs have similar success in athletic fundraising vs. academic, but LSU is the outlier.

Of the nine schools in the Southeastern Conference with separate foundations for athletics and academics, LSU is the only one where athletic fundraising outpaces academic fundraising, according to The Advocate’s analysis of four years of tax documents.

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