NEW ORLEANS – Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller is heading back to Chicago after he underwent emergency surgery following a gruesome leg injury during a game against the Saints on October 29 in the Superdome.

Miller tweeted a statement on Monday thanking the team of doctors and nursing staff at the University Medical Center who assisted with his surgery and recovery.

“Without their team work expertise and urgent care I do not know if the outcome would have been as successful,” part of Miller's statement read.

Miller dislocated his knee after a catch in the Saints end zone, which tore his popliteal artery. Doctors said that Miller could have lost his leg.

“We have cleared many hurdles and with the help of our team of doctors and training staff we will continue to progress,” Miller’s statement read.

Miller also stated that he could not wait to make it back to Chicago “to see my children and give them the biggest hug ever!”

He went on to say that while he does face challenges ahead in his recovery, the amount of support, prayers and love he received is “beyond inspiring.”

Specialists said following Miller’s surgery that because of the care he received in New Orleans he was able to keep his leg.

Miller’s full statement can be found below: