METAIRIE - Adrian Peterson says, he’s enjoying NOT being the star.

For ten years in Minnesota, Peterson was the focal point of the Vikings. So much so, he says, his wife texted him a couple days ago, to let him know – his Saints jersey is now the top-selling jersey in Minnesota. “It shows that I was appreciated,” Peterson said with a smile Friday, “which I knew, but that’s just confirmation.”

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Peterson is now just one of Drew Brees’ weapons, and he says, he likes it that way. “You know, I've always been a guy that's kind of low key,” Peterson said after day two of Saints Training Camp. “I like to fly under the radar. I'm coming in here and knowing that Brees is that main guy. I'm just coming here to fit in and do my job. I don't really expect a lot of attention, or people to treat me a certain way. I know I've got a job to do, and that's what I've come in to do.”

The Saints had the NFL number one offense in 2016, and they’ve now added the best running back of his generation. “I’m excited to see how teams defend us,” Peterson said. He figures to rarely see the stacked fronts he got used to in Minnesota.

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Saints Coach Sean Payton said Peterson’s transition to New Orleans has been “unremarkable," meaning, he’s fitting in, without a problem. “I think he is a good teammate,” Payton said. “I think that process has been smooth.”

Peterson said, he’s anxious to show the Saints what he can do. “I'm in here to contribute to this team, and of course, to get out there in the preseason is something I'm looking forward to.”

He said he’ll talk to Sean Payton about reps in the preseason, he didn’t play much in the preseason while a Viking, but he wants to play here, to prove what he can do.