NEW ORLEANS -- After dropping a potential touchdown pass in the Saints Preseason Opener in Cleveland, Head Coach Sean Payton remained confidence in Ted Ginn Monday night, telling reporters “I’m comfortable with the player. He’s going to make more big plays than not.”

Drops have been a persistent problem for Ginn, throughout his 11 year NFL career. One thing Ginn has always had is elite speed. “You’re always wanting to see the player still run,” Payton said, “and I’ve seen that. I think he’s going well.”

Ginn has never been in the Top 20 in the NFL in receptions, but three times in his career, he’s been in the Top 20 in dropped passes. It’s why he started with the Dolphins, but then played for the 49ers, the Panthers, the Cardinals, the Panthers again, and now the Saints. When asked about Ginn’s camp so far, Payton answered, “I think it’s been solid. It’s been good.”

Ginn figures to start opposite second year receiver Mike Thomas, with Willie Snead as the primary inside option. And Payton raved about Ginn’s locker room presence, saying, “He’s one of those guys that if you run the ball 35 times, it doesn’t matter, he just wants to win. And I think that’s contagious a little bit in that room.”