MINNESOTA – New Orleans food is famous all around the world, so of course you can find it in Minneapolis.

Chef Tim Glover is a rarity. He’s from Houma, cooking creole food in the Twin Cities.

“This is a recipe, a family recipe that has both crawfish and shrimp etouffee,” Glover said.

You can find him in the kitchen at his restaurant, Bistro La Roux.

“I took all the traditional dishes like jambalaya and etouffee and started feeding them to the Minnesotans,” Glover said.

First, out of a food truck he called Cajun to Geaux.

“So, I took our family camper, believe it or not, and what I did was, I converted it into a food truck,” Glover said.

The restaurant has all his tastes of home.

“The Andygator, Purple Haze and you can combine these two to make a Barney,” he said.

From Abita Beer to Zapp’s chips, Community Coffee and even Leidenheimer bread; it’s the details that make the difference.

But there is one detail that is making the weekend a little stressful. Time is a Saints fan of course, while his wife is a Vikings fan.

“Tim and I understand each other’s loyalties. I understand he grew up in Louisiana and he's cheering for the saints and Minnesota is of course in my heart,” his wife Lori said.

“So we're not going to battle, but the Vikings will win,” Lori said.

One thing the couple can always agree is the food. Win or lose, Bistro La Roux will still keep celebrating New Orleans and they already have a huge Mardi Gras party scheduled.