The Games Last week: 1-4 Season: 13-12

New Orleans (-6) at Green Bay: Last Monday the Packers were favored by 6.5 points over the Saints, a little over a week and an Aaron Rodgers injury later, the Saints are favored by a touchdown. The swing seems dramatic, but if it was Brees hurt and not Rodgers, the Packers would probably be a three-score favorite.

I might need to just start cutting and pasting the part of this column where I mention this week’s Saints opponent has offensive line issues because the Packers might be without three starting offensive linemen Sunday. The Saints defense should be able to add to their 16 sacks so far.

Is it just me or does Cam Jordan seem to be to having more fun than he’s ever had? I get the Saints defense is worlds better than it has been but Cam seems to be having a blast playing with all the young guys. He’s also having the best year of his career and people are going to start noticing if the Saints keep winning and he keeps sacking quarterbacks.

Jordan has gone from a really good defensive end to a guy personally wrecking offensive lines. Jordan sacking Matthew Stafford by pushing Lions tackle Rick Wagner into Stafford like a bowling ball was probably my favorite play from the Lions game. It still seems insane to think the Saints are going to go into Lambeau Field and win by more than a field goal, but I doubt Drew Brees is going to have back-to-back bad games. This isn’t a must win for the Saints but facing Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers feels like an opportunity you’d rather not waste.

Saints 28-21

Atlanta (+3.5) at New England: The Patriots defense is terrible, and if Tom Brady isn’t perfect, New England has a hard time beating anyone. The Saints being 4-2 and Atlanta 3-3 just seems too delicious. Falcons 34-27

Carolina (-3.5) at Chicago: The Bears are one of those scrappy bad teams that fight like crazy and if given a couple breaks will beat you, but I doubt Cam is terrible again. Panthers 28-16

Buffalo (-3) vs Tampa Bay: Jameis Winston is the discount version of Ben Roethlisberger, but without all the winning. He is hard to sack, has a big arm, but still makes some inexplicably bad decisions throwing the ball. The Buccaneers are the team of the future and always will be.

Bills 19-16

Seattle (-6) at New York Giants: In 2018 when the Seahawks cut Jimmy Graham and the Saints sign him it’s going to be so much fun. Everybody loves a good homecoming.

Seahawks 17-10

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