NEW ORLEANS -- Five weeks ago, sports analysts were asking if the Sean Payton/Drew Brees era in New Orleans was over, but after four straight wins, now their asking just how far this team will go.

The New Orleans Saints broke into the top 10 of most NFL power rankings this week after their 26-17 victory over the Packers. Writers praised the Saints' talented, young defense who managed to outshine Drew Brees' 500th touch down pass.

Here's what they had to say:

Sports Illustrated: Saints #10, up from 14. “With their entrance into the MMQB Power Rankings Poll’s top 10 for the first time this season, the Saints can officially be dubbed ‘legit.’”

USA TODAY: Saints #9, up from 11. “Shoutout to Drew Brees, who chucked his 500th TD pass (playoffs included) Sunday. Ironic given this Saints edition may be less reliant on him than most.”

ESPN: Saints stay at #14. “The Saints have allowed the second-fewest points per drive over their four-game win streak, trailing only the Jaguars.” Saints #8, up from 10. “New Orleans' four-game win streak has been fueled by defensive play, not necessarily Brees airing it out (although he's had a fine campaign).”

Yahoo! Sports: Saints #8, up from 13: “OK, it’s time to take the Saints seriously … This is the best team in the NFC South, right?”