The New Orleans Saints ran through their longest, most grueling practice of Training Camp Sunday because their coach wasn’t happy.

"Part of this practice was missing some of that intensity I'd like to see,” Sean Payton said afterward. “We're going to get it, we'll find it, it just took us going a little longer.”

There were minor scuffles Sunday, “I didn't see those as significant,” Payton said. “That was the least of my concerns, really.”

For the first time in 2017, on a brutally hot day, Saints practice ran a full three hours. “We repeated a team drill towards the end,” Payton said. "The worst thing we can do is sit and watch and tolerate something we think isn't acceptable. It's no different than parenting. It takes energy, and you have to change behavior."

Several veterans got a scheduled day off Sunday, including Adrian Peterson and Manti Te’o.

The Saints will practice again in full pads Monday before players get their first off day of camp Tuesday.