Saints Observations from Sunday, July 30th

-it was the longest practice so far on a very hot day in Metairie. There were some scuffles at the end of practice, a very physical day of work and it started to wear on the players. Sean Payton wasn't concerned with the brief scuffles - he was more worried about having to redo some of the periods. There were a lot of mental mistakes.
-Adrian Peterson, Zach Strief & Manti Te'O had "veterans day off" today. It just happend to be their day "in the rotation" for vets days off.
-Brandon Coleman passes the "eye test". He's exactly what you'd think a big time NFL player would look like, but can he be more consistent? He's had a great camp so far, Payton and Brees praised him after.
-Rashad Lawrence had a really nice one-handed grab. He made a couple nice plays -- leading my to look down at the roster like, "Who is #17?".
- One of the workers selling drinks at practice is beating the heat with a big smile and great personality. Mr. Underwood -- he would pour water out of his cooler on kids heads (with permission) to help cool them off. Fun to watch.
-Alvin Kamara had a good play in team drills. After he was already out of bounds, A.J. Klein ran over -- it looked like he was going to tell him good job, instead he punched the ball out of the rookies hands. It was just a funny moment.
-Wil Lutz had a nice showing on field goals, including nailing one from 53 yards. During this period there are helpers holding up pads "up the middle" to help Lutz remember to get a higher trajectory on the ball. That was obviously a problem, that cost the Saints games last season.
-Willie Snead had perhaps the play of the day catching a sideline fade in double coverage.