The Saints are taking the NFL by storm, as their winning streak continues and as the excitement grows so does a certain dance to celebrate the occasion.

It's called “flossin”, made famous by Backpack Kid, a viral sensation. And now, thanks to Mark Ingram, its made its way into the Superdome and across New Orleans.

“It really is fun,” Saints fan Margie White said. “He’s real to his team.

As the Saints charge toward win number 9, fans want Ingram to keep on dancing.

"Everyone was so excited, it was amazing, it was so fun,” Pierce Hull said about the game.

Other fans couldn’t believe what they witnessed Sunday night. It was a comeback that reminded New Orleans why they love the Saints so much in the first place.

"It was so loud and everyone was happy and having fun,” Hull said. “It was so great."

For a while it wasn't looking too good for the home team. The Saints needed 15 points to bring the game into overtime, with only three minutes left to do it. Maybe we have Jerry Perique's stepmom to thank for what happened next.

"I thought they had lost but we turned the TV up because my stepmom says if you turn the TV up that's her good luck charm and Brees took over from there,” Perique said.

The Saints brought the game into overtime and then walked away with their 8th straight win this season. Fans exploded.

"Oh my god, those last few minutes were incredible,” White said.

"Words can't explain it,” Perique added.

Twitter was pretty excited too from Drew Brees memes to Harry Connick Jr.'s eyeball to flossin'. Everyone was quick to share in on the celebration.

Now the question remains- will the Saints go all the way?