MINNESOTA – Saints fans arrived in droves to the Minnesota airport this weekend all pumped up for Sunday’s game.

The flight for Saints fan Joe Berniard was a fast one, but was filled with friendly faces.

“The flight was great. It was filled with Who Dat fans. They had a couple Vikings fans but they were quiet and something they were saying. I can’t even remember what is was,” Berniard said.

That something was the Vikings war cry- Skol.

“I don’t even know what it is! It sounds like cigarettes or something,” Berniard said.

However, it doesn’t matter what Vikings fans yell. Saints fans are going to put up a fight.

“We’re gonna be loud,” Berniard said.

Saints fans plan on seeing the sights and sounds of the twin cities all with one thing in mind.

“We’re going to go the Mall of America, I’ve never been there. So, we’ll go there but mostly inside stuff,” Saints fan April Miller said.

One thing Saints fans are not used to is the cold weather.

“I mean it’s cold in New Orleans, can it be much colder?” Brittany Grunberg said.