NEW ORLEANS – The Parkview Tavern wasn't the typical setting it normally is on Sunday during a Saints game.

Die hard Saints fans showed up to the bar in Mid-City to watch the playoff game against the Panthers, but the power went out.

"I'm still having a good time," one Saints fan said.

Just because the power went out, Parkview Tavern still kept the party going by operating by candle light and turning on the radio for fans to hear the game.

"We have a good time here, we have a better time when we win so we have a good season but yeah it says a lot for the faithfulness," Kathy Anderson, of Parkview Tavern, said.

Even some Panthers fans came to watch the game.

"It's still early, like I said 0-0 when I see the score right now. We're pounding it. We're running it. We're using McCaffery a lot and right now we're in the dome and it's loud, that's probably what it is but we're going to come out with this win,” Panthers fan Anthony Anderson said.