NEW ORLEANS - It's a gorgeous day in New Orleans, but Saints fans are getting ready for a bone-chilling negative 5 degrees up north.

"I'm excited, but I'm not excited about the cold,” Saints fan Mack Cuenca said.

"They say it's going to be very cold,” fan Tristan Manthey agreed.

Manthey is an attorney and Cuneca works at the Audubon Insectarium. Both men have a lot more in common than just hating cold weather.

"Some people say I'm a fanatic,” Cuenca said, who is better known decked out in a clown costume and going by the name Who Dat Clown.

"I'm a pretty big Saints fan,” Manthey added. One look at his office proves that. It’s covered from floor to ceiling in Saints memorabilia.

“The super bowl team signed this helmet, it's signed by the entire team, this one as well,” Manthey said while pointing at some of his memorabilia.

He’s hoping to add even more items to his collection.

"I was at the Super Bowl. That's my ticket to the game and I'll be at this Super Bowl,” Manthey said.

Getting to this point has been a wild ride.

"We've been up and down,” Cuenca said. “Basically right at the beginning of the season a lot of people jumped off the bandwagon again."

Manthey was almost one of those people.

"I've never been so down on the Saints when they've been 0-2,” Manthey said. “I was ready to burn all my Saints gear and they just came back incredibly."

Now these fans are getting ready to head to Minnesota and hopefully see the magic once more.

"If they win this weekend, they're going all the way,” Manthey said.

"You've got to believe,” Cuenca said.

Plane tickets to Minnesota are anywhere from $130 to $566 dollars. If you want to tackle the drive, it will take 18 hours to get there.