NEW ORLEANS - Saints fans have some hope for this football season after a big shut out win on Sunday in London.

In New Orleans, fans woke up pretty early to watch the game at their favorite spots.

AT 8:30 a.m. at Tracey’s Saints fans were up.

“They open at 8, so I was here at 7:40 of course. Crack of dawn, but hey! We here!” Saints fan Maurice Craige said.

Craige said the early kickoff time did not bother him at all.

“I think we need to have more games played this early in the morning. ‘Cause it gives you a chance to recoup the rest of the day! Especially when you have to go to work on a Monday!” Craige said.

He was not cheering the Saints on alone as other fans showed their Who Dat pride Sunday morning.

“I'm a morning person so it suits me just fine!” Saints fan Michael Charter said.

Carter said he lives around Tracey’s and loves going there to watch the games. He said he likes the morning game because he can get more done during the day.

“Usually I put things off until the game, when it's a noon game, then after that, I can't get as much done after the game. Depending on how this game goes I will get a lot done after the game,” Charter said.

One thing Saints fan watched for was how the team handled the national anthem.

“They took a kneel before the national anthem, everyone came together afterwards, so I think it was a good thing," Craige said.

“I do like the way that the league and the teams have joined. They kneeled before the anthem and joined hands together as a community. I like that approach,” Charter said.

The player protests have gotten so much attention across the country and Carter said he sees both sides of the argument.

“I guess I am kinda on the fence. I understand why these guys are protesting, but not sure that during the anthem is the best time to do that,” Charter said.

As for Craige, he says he is ready for the protests to be over.

“I think everyone just needs to come together as one, and put everything behind us and move forward,” Craige said.

Hopefully for Saints fans, moving forward with another win.

“Go saints, go saints! I just need a boost after LSU lost last night,” Charter said.