"He was a great part of this team for three years. I wish him the best of success, although I'd rather him not go off in this game," Drew Brees joked.

The Saints that know Brandin - know he'll be over-prepared when he walks into the Superdome on Sunday.

"I know he's studying, doing all the little rituals that Brandin Cooks does. But at the same time, we practiced against him. I know his strengths and weaknesses and our coaches do too. I hope that will give us the advantage," Kenny Vaccaro said.

"We went against him everyday in practice, got to see it first hand, so we know he's a good player. He can do a lot of good things, stretch the ball down the field, he has great speed and also they can find different ways to get him the ball. We know him and know what he can do, but we definitely looking to watch film, see what the Patriots do and looking to lock it down," said P.J. Williams.

Sean Payton mentioned that Cooks is playing more on the inside in New England, but Kenny Vaccaro says he's still basically doing the same thing he did in New Orleans. He said that Cooks is one of the best home run threats in the league.

"Got guys like him, like DeSean Jackson, those guys who can stretch the field. He's definitely one of those guys and teams know how to use him. The Patriots are doing the same thing. He's still running deep. I know he wasn't running a lot of routes, that's why he was kinda mad about being here, he didn't get the whole route tree. But now I still seeing him run the same routes he did when he was here.

Austin Carr was considered the best slot receiver in the NFL this preseason. The Saints brought him in when Willie Snead was suspended, but he was inactive last week. He said the coaches thought he needed a week or two to learn the playbook. So he's not sure if he'll play against the Patriots this week, the team that gave him a chance as an undrafted rookie free agent. And he's not real sure how much intel he'll be able to give on his former team.

"As far as scheme and things like that, I know their offense very well as far as what they taught me and the kind of schemes we had, but you know, they're going to be looking to change things up. Going to be looking to disguise things that I'm not aware of. I'm going to help as much as I can with the defense here but you never know come game day, "Carr explained.

Especially with Bill Belichick, coming off an embarrassing loss. Time will tell if Carr is active Sunday, as the Saints try to manage without Snead. As for Cooks - he was traded in exchange for the Patriots first round pick, which the Saints used on left tackle rookie Ryan Ramczyk. That pick is becoming more valuable as the days go by.