ST. TAMMANY- The seventh Saints win in a row was still fresh for fans of the boys in black and gold Monday.

But the second the 47-10 score was final, the hunt for a second Super Bowl vacation began for superfans Denise Ragan and Rhonda Eckholdt.

"You want to go on Thursday again?" asked Ragan.

"Yeah, first flight in. Remember we got interviewed at the airport? Channel 4," said Eckholdt.

The two Mandeville residents stay strong in their support of the Saints even though some may say booking a Super Bowl trip now is a bit early.

"Yeah, it's just kind of our thing," said Eckholdt. "And just being great Saints fans, wouldn't miss it for the world. Absolutely not, and if they don't go, there's always next year."

"This sign is how it feels right now; unbelievable," said Larry Rolling. "I mean this is kind of what's happening right now, but it's a good unbelievable."

Rolling is the Black and Gold Superfans' resident "Sign Man." He's been a season ticket holder for almost 40 years and says the group is now talking seriously about making a second Super Bowl trip.

"Whatever it takes, we'll be there," said Rolling. "I think the conversation is if they go to the Super Bowl, we going. It's really that simple. I think we're going to watch it really closely."

The hype fever is definitely spreading, but of course, it's got superstitious strings attached.

"I think we feel that feeling that maybe is this a glimpse of '09? Or not? And I think we're all very cautious to talk about that because we don't want to jinx anything," said Rolling.

There's no doubt the Saints are marching in and there are plenty that want to be in that number in Minnesota.

Now, if fans are willing to swing the thousands of dollars for a ticket to the game, they will be pleased to know that a quick search of airfare pricing is currently showing rates as low as $258 round-trip.