NEW ORLEANS -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took yet another beating today, only this time it came from the Saints and didn't necessitate medical attention.

Returning from a one-week hiatus due to a concussion he sustained against the Atlanta Falcons two weeks ago,

Newton insisted he felt no lingering effects, but just wants to "find ways to win the football game." He had been widely criticized for his postgame antics following last season's Super Bowl loss to the Denver Broncos, which he attributed to his competitive fire getting the best of him.

Visibly frustrated by his team's 41-38 loss to the Saints, the Panthers fifth in six games this season, it appears Newton's white-hot competitive fire is once again getting the best of him. After taking just five questions, Newton dismissed himself, leaving the podium in haste, just as he had answered the questions.

"I'm just doing what I'm asked to do."

On what happened on the interception in the second quarter intended for Devin Funchess but picked off by
Sterling Moore:

"It was just a miscommunication. Right there, it was lack of execution. We've just got to get better," he said.

On how he feels: "I feel all right."

On if this is an uncharacteristic start to the season?
"We've just got to find ways to win the football game."

Newton departed an estimated 90 seconds into the session.

By unofficial estimates, that is 59 seconds shorter than his Super Bowl 50 post game press conference.