Here's where the Saints stand in this week's national rankings.

ESPN: Saints 6th, down from 5th - Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara might be the best backfield duo of 2017, and the stats bear that out.

USA Today: Saints 6th, down from 5th - As good as they were during that eight-game win streak, margin for error in NFC South is greatly diminished with four of final five against division foes.

Yahoo! Sports: Saints 6th, last week 3rd - I’m not holding it against the Saints that they went into Los Angeles and lost to a good Rams team, especially considering New Orleans was without its top two cornerbacks.

Sports Illustrated: Saints 6th, down from 3rd - No comments

Bleacher Report: Saints 7th, last week 3rd - The fact the Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the fact the Saints, for the second week in a row, gave up some big plays in the pass game.

Washington Post: Saints 7th, last week 3rd - There’s no time for the Saints to lament that loss with an NFC South showdown with the Panthers coming up on Sunday in New Orleans.