NEW ORLEANS -- It is one of the most well known local rivalries, the Saints versus the Falcons.

"I can't wait." Darold Alexander, a life-long Saints fan, said.

"Those calls will not be made the same," Ortis Holmes, another fan said of the last Saints Falcons match-up.

"We're gonna win, we're going to beat them," Norman Voelkel added.

And because of the heated rivalry, Saints fans were elated that the Falcons blew a 25 point lead against the Patriots in last year's Superbowl, leading to one of the most infamous sports signs: NE 3 ATL 28.

Saints fans Blake Haney runs Dirty Coast, a clothing store. He helped make the infamous banner tha circled Atlanta two weeks ago possible.

"If we never won the Superbowl, we probably wouldn't be saying anything, but the fact that we have makes us feel like we have a little room to poke them a little bit," Haney said.

And ahead of this weekend's rematch, all of the 28-3 shirts have sold out, though there's still plenty of other Who Dat Gear.

"We still have the ability to continue with this 28-3 dig I think," he said.

Haney is thinking about another banner near the Superdome. In the meantime, finding a seat will be hard. Saints tickets have sold out since the start of the season. However, you can still find tickets on the NFL exchange from $150 to $1000.

Of course, you can expect to see the 28-3 score on a sign if you do go but what you write?

Artist Christine Roy went with her own "NOLA Cat," with a mouthful of red feathers.

"NOLA cat just ate the whole bird," Roy said.

She said the rivalry inspires some of the artworks she sells, as she sketched up a football player crushing a red falcon under his cleats.

"Stompin" the dirty birds," she said.

Other fans predicted a different score could be a popular meme, one young fan predicted, a score of Saints 35, Falcons 28.

"They should have one, bad referees," Bradley Fusilier, said.

"They threw the game in the other direction last week, and it's obvious the Saints won, and this week it's our turn," Thomas McConnell said.

Whatever happens, fans just want to see a good game and a win.