LAFAYETTE – Longtime University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s softball coach Michael Lotief has been fired following complaints that he used “violent, vulgar language and verbal and physical assault” on student-athletes and co-workers and created “a hostile learning and working environment,” The New Orleans Advocate reports.

The university released hundreds of pages in response to a public records request for the complaints. Some of the records indicate several former softball players accused Lotief of using the word “p****” regularly to attack them or make inappropriate jokes.

Lotief and his lawyer, Glen Edwards, said the firing was retaliation from the university for his “passionate” advocacy for gender equality in the school’s athletic department. He said the university’s statements are “slanderous” and his actions have been mischaracterized.

Lotief said “he is not an angel,” regarding accusations of verbal abuse.

The university placed Lotief on leave on October 6 prior to his firing.

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