SLIDELL -- Annalise Moore spends most of her time at Forged Steele Crossfit in Slidell, training six days a week.

It's paid off.

In less than a month, she'll be on ESPN, competing at the Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

"It's like the biggest stage, it's pretty cool," the talented 15-year-old said with a beaming smile.

Annalise will compete against 19 other finalists in her age group from around the world for the title of "Fittest Teen on Earth."

She placed second in the world in the first round of the competition, the Crossfit open, then finished sixth in the regional qualifier. None of that matters in the finals though, because no one knows the actual format -- the events they'll be put through -- until they get there.

"You basically start over," Annalise said, describing her preparation for the tournament. "Everybody starts at zero... You just have to train everything. You have to think 'I might have to do this.' It's the Crossfit games, expect the unexpected. You just have to train for everything."

Annalise started Crossfit kids at age 11 -- interested because her parents were participants and her whole family eventually got involved -- but she really focused just recently.

Annalise played softball until last fall, so she's tried team sports, but the box is where she thrives.

"In here, it's like it's just me," she said. "I control my fate, I control whether I win or not, my work ethic, everything ... On a team it's totally different. Have to rely on other peoplejust as you have to rely on yourself."

Annalise has gained so much confidence competing in Crossfit. She says the pressure and success have helped her grow as a person.

"Like, when I was in school. I used to only talk to people I know, but now they say I'm loud, but I don't know," she said. "I don't think I am, guess I can carry on a conversation with a lot more people now."

Competing in the Crossfit games will cost Annalise's family about $7,000. Through fundraising efforts, they're about half-way there.

If you would like to help sponsor her trip to Wisconsin, you can email or call her head coach, Jeannie Dimitri, at or 985-788-0986.