METAIRIE, La. -- The Zephyrs are gone with the wind and there's a new team on the field baby -- Baby Cakes that is.

Fans of the Triple-A franchise are ready for some baseball at the newly branded Shrine on Airline. There was a steady stream of customers lining up for tickets at the team box office on Thursday.

"This is family fun for everybody, from the kids all the way to grown ups," Cakes fan Paul McNich said. "You can come out here and have a good time."

"I love baseball most of all sports," Cakes fan Peggy Kennedy said. "I am so looking forward to the Baby Cakes. Watching the cute guys on the field. Why not call them Baby Cakes?"

Cakes General Manager Cookie Rojas maintains the new team name has brought about new interest in the team. He said the franchise is trending up in terms of ticket and merchandise sales and corporate sponsorships.

"I'm happy to say we were voted the number one weirdest name in Triple A baseball in USA Today the other day, so it's a good thing recognized nationally like that," Rojas said. "I'm happy to say that right now, we're trending in the right direction."

Many fans still aren't sold on the Baby Cakes name.

"Kind of a crazy name," Cakes fan Jay Aleman said. "They could have called them something else like the 'Po-boys.' I guess it will work out in the end."

So what is a Baby Cake?

"You have the King Cake and inside the King Cake you have the little baby in there and you know if you find that baby you have to buy the next King Cake and it's a reason to bring families together and that's what we are, a reason to bring families together," Rojas said.

The team reports a 25-percent increase in season ticket sales compared to last year.

Ticket prices range from $5 to sit on the levee to $25 for club seating.

"There's people who had no idea that we had a ball team here and now they do," Kennedy said. "All the controversy over the Baby Cakes was for the good, the good of the team, the good of the city."

All of the premium hospitality seating areas sold out for opening night for the first time in 12 years.