Traffic was flowing again at the I-10/610 split Wednesday by 2 p.m. after most of the morning and midday was spent picking up more nails from an incident that slowed traffic and damaged tires the day before.

A truck dropped thousands of them around midday Tuesday.

Wednesday's 'debris removal' wis expected to continue until around 2 p.m..

At various times different lanes were blocked and as of 11:30 a.m., all three lanes headed to 610 were shut. Traffic was backed up for several miles.

Tuesday afternoon a truck dropped thousands of nails along the highway, shutting I-10 East down for hours as crews tried to clean the roadway.

Nails could still be seen heading on the interstate towards the city from Metairie and on the roadway just before the 610 split Wednesday morning.

There was no way to avoid it," said driver Alexis Tamplain. "It looked like gold glitter across the Interstate."

State Troopers say the driver responsible was cited for not properly securing the nails. They also say nails are considered a 'road hazard' and for drivers to call and explain the situation to their insurance company, making sure to take a lot of pictures and save receipts as proof.