NEW ORLEANS - If you think the traffic was a mess heading home to the New Orleans East/Slidell area Thursday - in fact, to most of the entire metro area, it is likely to stay that way for a while.

Story continues under Ray Romero's report

According to Traffic Reporter Ray Romero, DOTD has said the repairs to the high-rise, needed because of a large tire fire Wednesday night, could last into next week.

The repairs left only the middle lane on the high-rise open, with the left and right lanes, along with a right lane that merges onto the high-rise, all having to go into one lane.

The backup pushed traffic headed toward Metairie from downtown, or toward the west bank and through the city back on I-10 as the backup to the high-rise pushed back into other routes.

Romero said that anyone on the west bank heading towards New Orleans East could expect a delay of several hours before crossing the high-rise.

Alternate routes were also problematic. Romero suggested taking Claiborne into Chalmette and taking Paris Road to I-10.