BATON ROUGE, La. – After catastrophic flooding inundated areas of south-central Louisiana last week, some shop and business owners are now getting a look at how much and how fast the water rose.

One of the videos from C Store Maintenance & Solutions in Baton Rouge shows a parking lot going completely underwater in nine hours. Another video shows the interior of a store being filled with four feet of water in less than two hours.

“Basically, it’s like a big tank,” neighbor Matthew Guidry said. “Like a big tank and you can just see it filling up.”

Guidry owns a business, Stone Concepts, that is in the same neighborhood as C Store Maintenance.

Less than a year ago, Guidry said he and his friends were running their business out of a garage before being able to buy a storefront.

“In a matter of hours, computers gone, files gone,” Guidry said.

Now, the shop is completely gutted.

One of the few things salvageable was a giant saw used to make their granite projects. It cast almost $100,000 and without it, the shop wouldn’t be able to exist.

At the end of the day, when they pile up all they lost and watch others around them do the same, Guidry said he believes it is all about staying positive.

“I always want to keep my guys positive,” Guidry said. “I knew we would get there through prayer. God’s got our back. I knew we could get back. We just had to wait for the water to recede.”

Guidry’s business was able to reopen Monday, even without office space.