BEAUMONT – The city of Beaumont was in Harvey’s path on Tuesday and many residents near Pine Island Bayou spent their morning escaping flood water.

One couple, Stephanie Carter and her husband, have been living near the bayou for six years.

"We had a volunteer evacuation for north of Broussard Road. We left at about one this morning,” Stephanie Carter said.

Carter hitched a ride from volunteer boaters back to what she called her ‘Dream Home’ and she was hoping to turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electrocution.

“We have a security system, and the water was not like this at six o'clock this morning,” Carter said.

Along the way, homes were swallowed by water but when Carter went to her home, she became overwhelmed.

"I'm devastated,” Carter said.

Carter said about two inches of water got inside.

"When we looked the last time, we looked, we could have gone inside the house,” Carter said.

Her family left so quickly on Tuesday morning that they had little time to pack their belongings. It is quite possible that the family lost everything in their home but Carter says it will be okay as long as her family is safe.