ROBERT, La. - A father and son are back home after taking their boat to Texas and helping rescue as many people as they could.

For two days Louis and Ben Husser did what they could to help people hit by Harvey.

"We don't think about it. It's what we do here in South Louisiana. " Ben said. "When your neighbors are in trouble you go out and help them and you don't question it."

They joined the Cajun Navy in Baton Rouge Tuesday, and drove on to Houston.

"We went with them," Louis said. "There were 20 boats, trucks, a box truck full of relief supplies."

When they arrived Wednesday, they got their boat ready and went to work.

"Expectations always are expecting the worst and hoping for the best," Ben said. "It wasn't very long before you find where you're needed."

"You kind of have an idea, but it's so much worse when you get there," Louis said.

Rescue efforts soon brought them to Port Arthur, Texas where help was in dire need.

"Two guys in a boat said there's a nursing home down the street on the corner," said Louis. "They're in there and there's elderly and they're flooded. I saw what I hope I don't have to ever see again. Not just the fear and the trauma, but so much. The water was affecting their feet. The patients had been in the water since 7 p.m. Tuesday and we didn't get there until noon the next day."

They describe loading the boats as controlled chaos. However, thanks to their help everyone got to safety.

"We helped put entire hospital beds, wheelchairs and whatever they were in," Louis said.

"I can't count the hugs and the tears and the nurses' reactions of us being there," Ben said. "They were literally at their breaking point and that was the biggest satisfaction for us, to watch them relax knowing we were going to get those people out."

Two days of nonstop rescues was challenging, but say they're only regret is not staying longer.

"The biggest thing was you know, that could be my family in that water," Ben said. "We're only home now because we did some damage to the boat."

While they may be back at home, their thoughts continue to be with the people of Texas. And they say they'll be back soon to help again.

"Louisiana loves you, we're not going away, this is just the beginning," Ben said. "There were hundreds and hundreds of boats in Port Arthur Wednesday and everybody was helping each other's boat if it got hung up. You help your neighbor and it's amazing what we saw."

The Husser's say they'll be collecting donations at Crossgate Church in Robert, La. They will head back to deliver the goods and help in any way they can.