ST. CHARLES PARISH -- A state of emergency has been declared in St. Charles Parish where heavy rains caused several homes and roadways to flood.

Luling resident Loraine Mitchell watched Tuesday as the outer bands from Tropical Storm Harvey moved across St. Charles Parish and dumped water into her backyard.

"Rain, rain, rain," Mitchell said. "I never saw so much rain in my life."

The water began to seep into her apartment. "It came up under the bricks," Mitchell explained.

She and her neighbors spent the afternoon cleaning up the mess. As Mitchell and her neighbors worked to get the flood waters out, other parish residents worked to stop rising waters from getting in.

The St. Charles sandbagging stations were packed with people getting last minute provisions.

"Right now you got water coming down the street and a lot in some people's yard, so if it keeps raining it's going to be in people's houses," resident Donald Smith said. "That's why I'm getting sandbags."

Parish President Larry Cochran went out to see the stations and said he was pleased to see residents took precautions.

"Our residents are taking heed from Texas and being proactive and filling sandbags," Cochran said.

Mitchell, the Luling resident, finished drying out her apartment by the afternoon. She said she felt relief that the damage wasn't any worse.

"It looks like it's over. I hope and pray it is," she said. "We were lucky though. Thank God for that."