About 1000 families are being told to get out of Bevil Oaks and Northwest Forest areas near Beaumont Monday because of the threat of flooding.

The road where people are supposed to leave is covered in water, and it could only be a matter of time before the water rushes into homes.

"I've been here all my life and I don't remember it raining this much for this long," said Brad Thibodeaux, who was in the area helping out a friend.

The Bevil Oaks Fire Department estimates there are about 1000 families in the area and it's likely most of their homes will be affected as the rain continues.

"This could be a life or death situation not trying to be over dramatic we need to get people out of the neighborhoods to keep them safe," said Sheriff Zena Stephens, Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Sheriff said about 20 people are choosing not to leave and she says that is not only dangerous but threatens first responders. To put it into perspective, Bevil Oaks fire Chief Chris Gonzalez said he'll likely have to watch as his station floods.

"You know the anxiety is up a little bit,” said Gonzalez. “But the thing is we're doing what is best for the citizen. We'll be here in the event that a 911 calls come out."

With more rain coming down, he's afraid that soon he'll have to be prepared to make for boat rescues in this area.