NEW ORLEANS – An EF-0 hit Marrero Friday morning, leaving neighbors on Mt. Revarb Street lots to clean up.

"When my husband came and got me and we turned the curb I said lord what happened there and he said must be a little tornado,” said resident Helen Scott. “Trash, debris flying, it snapped a street sign in half. It was crazy for a minute. The rain, the wind start coming real hard and it just took the door out of my hand. Pulled it open then I see trampoline coming over the fence."

That trampoline ended on a roof across the street.

Debris across the lawn, a carport town apart and the back windshield of a car was completely busted out.

Mitchell Scott said he's lived in Marrero for 20 years. He's seen strong winds but he's never heard anything like this before. The National Weather Service said the winds were 65-70 mph and the tornado was only on the ground for about 20 seconds, but still left plenty of damage.

“It just missed my truck, so I was happy about that,” said Robert Terrebonne, whose trampoline ended up in his neighbor’s roof. “I didn’t get on it, but my son’s going to be mad.”

So far, no injuries have been reported due to the tornado.