NEW ORLEANS -A third round of rain was heading in to the already-saturated grounds in the metro area around 9 p.m. Friday with the forecast calling for clearing by Saturday morning.

Some of the batches of rain, coming from the southwest, could be heavy.

Rainfall has been especially heavy as a front became stationary during earlier rains between 10 a.m. and shortly after noon. Several streets were flooded and some were impassable. Another round of storms hit the area between 4 and 6 pm, before a third round struck around 9 p.m., threatening to return some street flooding to any late night drivers.

Earlier in the day, a line of heavy rain that parked itself over the metro area for a couple of hours Friday morning and early afternoon caused street flooding and the cancelation of some local events.

Classes were canceled at UNO, Delgado and SUNO and events were canceled like Hogs for the Cause at City Park and the China Lights in the same area.

Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum said that 6 inches of rain had been recorded at St. Angela Merici in Metairie.

A Flash Flood warning was issued for Orleans and northern Jefferson Parish until 2:15 p.m. as the rains started around 10 a.m. and lasted until almost 2 p.m.

Meanwhile viewers sent in pictures showing street flooding in Metairie, Elmwood, Gentilly and around City Park. The City Park water caused the 'Hogs for the Cause' festival to cancel its Friday night event. It will be open Saturday and will honor Friday tickets on that day.

Viewers sent in photos showing street flooding. In one area of Lakeview, near the train trestle at Canal and Navarre was impassable with a few feet of water collected underneath.

A Delgado student drove her car into the deceptively flooded area under the train trestle near the intersection of Canal Blvd. and Navarre. The car remained flooded out in the streets even as the water quickly subsided.