Magnolia School partners with Krewe of Tucks for one of a kind experience


Posted on February 14, 2014 at 7:37 PM

Updated Sunday, Feb 16 at 6:08 PM

Jaclyn Kelley / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS -- Keeping an eye on Carnival, a few lucky parade revelers will have the best seat in the house when the Krewe of Tucks rolls in two weeks.

This year some hard work and creativity from one Jefferson Parish non-profit has earned them a spot in this year's parade.

It takes a whole year of preparation to get these grand floats ready for Krewe of Tuck's debut come Carnival season, but it is not just the floats that are hand-crafted, so are some of its wildly decorated throws.

"We are going to have some really fantastically decorated toilet brushes," said captain and co-founder of Krewe of Tucks Lloyd Frischhertz.

That's right, toilet brushes! These scepters are nothing short of Tucks royalty, but in order to get the 10,000 toilet brushes made the Krewe of Tucks had to enlist the help of Jefferson Parish's Magnolia School and its most creative minds.

"These are adults who have certain challenges," said Frischhertz. "I don't want to call it a disability because as you have seen they have no disabilities."

Right now the group is working to finish 6,000 toilet brushes, which will be thrown the day of the parade.

The best part is they can get as creative as they want. It is a project the Magnolia School started over the summer and one its participants are even getting paid for!

"Ours guys love doing it and to just see them be so creative and become so independent doing it, coming up with their own ideas is incredible," said Magnolia School's day program coordinator Stephanie Young.

This is the second year the Krewe of Tucks has partnered with Magnolia School, but this year is different. Seventeen of the participants, who helped make the throws, will get to ride in the parade for the first time ever.

"I'm excited, I can't wait!," said Sarah Gibson who been busy helping decorated the toilet brushes.

"Yea, it's my first time riding in a Tucks parade, said Amanda Root.

Sarah and Amanda will even get to throw the very toilet brushes they helped make and Frischhertz says that is a win, win for everyone.

"You're doing something great for the kids, you're doing something economical for them and you're getting a special throw for your parade," said frischhertz.

Tucks will make its way through Uptown on Saturday, March 1, starting on Magazine Street at noon.