Mardi Gras safety tips for children on the parade route


Posted on January 3, 2012 at 12:17 PM

There’s something for everyone at Mardi Gras and generally, everyone shows up, setting up a hazardous situation for small children.

Pushing, jumping, grabbing, floats, bands, even barbecue grills – without a good plan and lots of vigilance, serious accidents can happen.

Dr. Rachel Dawkins, a pediatrician at the LSU-Health Sciences Center, spoke with Sally Ann Roberts about keys to a safe Mardi Gras for children.


Important Mardi Gras Safety Contact Information
New Orleans Police Department:
Non-Emergency - (504) 821-2222
Emergency - 911
City of New Orleans Auto Pound:
(504) 565-7450 or (504) 565-7451
Area Hospitals:
University Hospital
2021 Perdido St.
(504) 903-3000
Tulane University Hospital & Clinic
127 Elk Place
(504) 988-5525
Ochsner Baptist Medical Center
2700 Napoleon Avenue
(504) 899-9311
Touro Infirmary
1401 Foucher St.
(504) 897-7011
Children's Hospital
200 Henry Clay Avenue
(504) 899-9511