Wilder side of Mardi Gras in the Marigny



Posted on March 4, 2014 at 7:32 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 4 at 11:26 PM

Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS — If Rex and Zulu aren't your thing on Mardi Gras morning, there is a wilder side of Carnival just across Esplanade Avenue from the French Quarter.

In the Faubourg Marigny, the neighborhood itself is the parade route and revelers take a lot of pride in marching to the beat of their own drum in a series of walking krewes.

“Nothing stops Carnival ever," said one reveler in a King Tut costume. "We keep rolling. Wet and wild."

His buddy and fellow King Tut chimed in, "Actually, I've been here since 1980, when it was the coldest Mardi Gras, they say, but I don't know, today is pretty chilly."

As always the costumes did not disappoint. One group dressed up as M&Ms.

"Wish it was a little warmer, but that's okay, despite it all, we're here," said red M&M Faith Serigusa.

Another group went as "Bartenders Without Borders." One reveler held up two syringes and said it's a Bloody Mary shot.

"We've got vodka here, Bloody Mary mix here, for the ailing."

Others lampooned former Mayor Ray Nagin who was recently convicted of funneling kickbacks through his family owned granite business Stone Age Granite. The group wore different color t-shirts that read Stoned Age Granite with marijuana leaf beads.

"You know about Ray Nagin and his 20 indictments, Stone Age Granite," said the creator of the t-shirt. "We happen to have to company with a similar name, Stoned Age Granite. When asked if his company accepted kickbacks as well, he said "absolutely."

The best quote of the day in the Marigny, "Rain or shine, we're going to party like there's no tomorrow."

When you think about it, as far as Mardi Gras is concerned, there is no tomorrow, until next year that is.

"Look at all these people having the best day of their lives because it's raining and they are drinking and they are reveling and we are feeling like life is just beginning today," said a woman dressed as a shotgun house.

The smart costumes in the Marigny included an umbrella and wide brimmed hat.