BBB: Common Veterans' Day Scams



Posted on November 4, 2013 at 11:59 AM
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Some of the most cynical consumer scams target veterans, service members and their families. Veterans' Day, in particular, is a prime time for fraudulent businesses to approach these patriots.

Cynthia Albert joins the Eyewitness Morning News to talk about some of the most common Veterans’ Day scams, including:

  • posing as a veterans administration representative
  • charging veterans for services they could get for free
  • fraudulent investment schemes that convince veterans to transfer funds
  • offering "instant approval" military loans with high interest rates & hidden fees
  • advertising housing online with military discounts and stealing their security deposit
  • trying to sell things like security systems to spouses saying it's at soldier's request
  • selling stolen vehicles at low prices by claiming to be deployed soldiers
  • posing as government contractors recruiting veterans to get job applicant's passport
  • posing on online dating services as a lonely soldier then asking for money

Consumers can check out businesses and charities free of charge on the national Better Business Bureau website, and military personnel and veterans can get assistance through the United Service Organization's website.