Entrepreneur Week celebrates unique ideas turned into real businesses



Posted on March 21, 2014 at 9:04 AM

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NEW ORLEANS, La. – Friday is the kick off of a major city-wide event that celebrates people who turn their unique ideas into a business plan.

It's the start of the 6th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, and a big conference is planned giving, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs a chance to develop and grow their ideas.

The week is full of events for everyone, from those looking to start up a business, to those that already own one, to those just looking for new ideas or who have new ideas they want to share.

Entrepreneur Week is a very big deal in the New Orleans Metro Area every year, and it's a way for many business startups and established businesses to get the tools and resources they need to have and grow a successful company.

All of the events begin Saturday, and it will be a week full of activities.

There will plenty of forums, competitions, and one-on-one sessions for everyone looking to better grow their brand.

One of the big draws to this week of events and networking is the number of resources accessible to all attendees, and the best part, all of the events are free.

Friday is the opening ceremony followed by a host of events throughout the week. For a full list of events, click here.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week closes with a big finale, an audience-involved pitch competition, in which 13 contestants will try to win audience support for a grand prize of $50,000 in order to grow their idea into a reality.

As for some of the other highlights, Saturday there will be a youth competition, and Wednesday there will be a women's in business competition, both of which will be full of information for children and women looking to grow as entrepreneurs or become entrepreneurs.

Antwan Harris reports from Gallier Hall, where the Entrepreneur Week opening ceremony will take place Friday night. He speaks with:

  • Victoria Adams, Director of Content Strategy for the Idea Village who breaks down some of the main events;
  • Jerry Bologna, Executive Director at JEDCO who talks about Jefferson Parish’s involvement in Entrepreneur Week, and an exciting event called the JEDCO Challenge;
  • Tim Williamson, Co-founder and CEO of the Idea Village who highlights the importance of the week around the area; and
  • Tara Canobbio, a manager at Google who speaks about the Youth Entrepreneurship Day events.