How well do you know Eric Paulsen?


by Meteorologist Derek Kevra

Posted on February 25, 2011 at 8:37 AM

Updated Friday, Feb 25 at 11:00 AM

There are two women in Eric Paulsen's life that he sees more than any other: Sally-Ann Roberts, his co-anchor for nearly 15 years and his wife, Bethany, whom he has been happily married to for a year and half.

Well, I had an interesting thought: if I asked Eric a set of questions, who know him better?  The results are interesting.  Eric - I'm sorry if I got you in trouble.  This was too much fun to pass up.


Question #1 - What is Eric's favorite type of King Cake?

Bethany: Plain (Randazzo)

Sally-Ann: Plain, Un-iced

Eric: Plain (Randazzo)

Question #2 - What is Eric's favorite action movie?

Bethany: Die Hard

Sally-Ann: Ninja Turtles

Eric: Die Hard

Question #3 - What is Eric's favorite type of food?

Bethany: He has a sweet tooth.  Brownies and dark chocolates are his favorite.

Sally-Ann: Seafood

Eric: Any food but I'll pick Louisiana Seafood.

Question #4 - If the Saints aren't playing, what NFL team is Eric cheering for?

Bethany: The Colts

Sally-Ann: St. Louis Rams

Eric: Peyton Manning and The Colts 

Question #5 - What instrument did Eric play growing up?

Bethany: Cello

Sally-Ann: Cello

Eric: Cello

Question #6 - Would Eric rather play golf, or watch golf?

Bethany: Watch.  The only golf he plays is miniature.

Sally-Ann: Watch

Eric: Watching... although not big fan of golf either way.

Question #7 - What are the names of Eric's turtles?

Bethany: Remus, Elvis, Boy George

Sally-Ann: Laverne and Shirley

Eric: Remus, Elvis, Boy George

Question #8 - How many languages does Eric know?  Bonus: Can you name them?

Bethany: He doesn't "know" any others but he remembers some German from high school & college and knows enough Spanish to get by.

Sally-Ann: One. English.

Eric: Three.  English, Spanish & German.

Question #9 - What color are Eric's eyes?

Bethany: Greenish Blue

Sally-Ann: Blueish Green

Eric: Blue Green

Question #10 - What was Eric's most memorable moment on the morning show?

Bethany: Eric has had many memorable moments through the years and I know he has a favorite from the David Bernard days that stands above the rest.  Although I don't know that it was a high point in morning show history that the audience needs to be reminded of.  You'll have to see if Sally's willing to share that one.

Sally-Ann: Eric was startled by Rob while holding a snake.  Eric then chased Rob around with the snake.

Eric: The time Sally asked David Bernard and me on live television, "have you ever had a Sugar daddy"?  David and I burst out laughing... said no... then asked Sally if she'd like one.  She said yes.  We told her we'd work on it.  During the commercial break we explained the meaning of "Sugar daddy".  When we came back she apologized.  You gotta love Sally.

Bethany Correct = 9

Sally-Ann Correct = 5


Well, there you have it!  The person who has chosen to be with Eric knows him better than the person who is stuck working with him.  And I guess that makes sense.  Eric - I guess you're not sleeping on the couch tonight.