Legislative Session: Kennedy talks higher education, food stamps



Posted on March 7, 2014 at 10:58 AM

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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Monday, the Louisiana Legislature will convene for its regular session and, as usual, lawmakers will be looking at ways to balance the budget.

There are several proposals on the table for legislators to consider this legislative session, and joining the Eyewitness Morning News to talk about a few of those, and to offer some of his ideas for dealing with persistent budgetary problems is State Treasurer John Kennedy.

Funding Higher Education-

  • State funding of higher education in 2008: $1.6 billion
  • State funding of higher education today: $525 million 67% reduction

Education Consultant Fees-

  • From 2005 – 2010- Louisiana department of education spent: $615 million
  • In 2012- Louisiana department of education spent: $5.28 billion

Stamp Out Food Stamp Fraud-

  • In 2008, Louisiana spent $836 million in benefits to 650,000 Louisiana residents
  • Today, Louisiana is spending $1.5 billion in benefits on 900,000 Louisiana residents
  • In 2012, state gave $750,000 in food stamps to 322 people who made more than $50,000
  • In 2011, state gave $1.1 million in food stamps to 1761 people who are in jail
  • In 2011 & 2012, state gave nearly $107,864 in food stamps to 84 convicted and therefore ineligible drug felons
  • From March 2010 to March 2011, state gave food stamps to 1573 people who were receiving food stamps from other states
  • In 2012, state gave food stamps to 3060 people who spent most of the money ($2.06 million) in other states