Man nearly crushed when large oak tree falls on car


by Fred Childers / KSLA News 12

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 8:41 AM

KEITHVILLE, La. - A Caddo Parish man said he is lucky to be alive.

The man survived after a tree fell onto his car during a storm.

Robert Salts was almost home from work when his car was flattened by an oak tree.

It was stopped in it's tracks on Keithville Keatchie Road and Robert was nearly trapped.

"The roof was down on top of me, and you know pushed me into the seat, and I had to push my seat back," Salts said.

The first Caddo Parish deputy to arrive on scene said he didn't even know a car was underneath the tree until he saw Salts climbing on top of the tree. He said he asked him if he was alright and he responded, "I don't know."

After he was cleared of any injuries by EMTs the Caddo Parish Public Works began the process of removing this huge tree from the road.

It took about an an hour of cutting and clearing before the car and the damage was revealed. Also revealed was just how close Salts came to injury or death.

"I've got to be grateful for I feel pretty lucky right now when I finally get out and basically seen the road you know," Salts said.

He said it pushed him down into the seat, and after that he crawled out the back window.

"I'll be in church on Sunday" Salts said.