May 4th


by Muriel Bailey

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 8:11 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 4 at 7:54 AM


Randy Waesche

Resource Management, Inc.

Stretching Your Dollar

Buying vs Leasing a car

Pros of Buying A New Car

-Can customize your vehicle from the beginning

-Car is equipped with latest style and technology

-Receive full manufacturer's warranty

-Generally comes with lower financing rate

Cons of Buying A New Car

-It costs more

-The value of a new car depreciates rapidly in the first few years of ownership

-Insurance rates tend to be higher

-Sales tax is usually higher

Leasing vs Buying

-No down payment required when leasing

-Always driving a late-model vehicle covered by the manufacturer's warranty

-Leasing typically costs more than an equivalent loan

-Monthly payments go on forever

-Limited mileage in lease contract: 12-15,000 a year

-Keep vehicle in good condition

-If you need to get out of a lease before it expires, you may be stuck with thousands of dollars in early termination fees and penalties-all due at once


Rep. Walter Leger, III

(D), Dist. 91

University Medical Center Bill

Legislative Debate


Kevin Davis

St. Tammany Parish President

Close To Home

Hurricane Season Preps


Christopher Cappo

Tammie Cappo

Taste of Tammany

Chef Nick Deluzian

Benedict's Plantation Restaurant

Taste of Tammany

A Night At The Derby

Castine Center

Saturday 7pm-11pm

(985) 646-0166


Don Abney

Author/Dog Trainer

The Complete Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog


(985) 892-6773


Kevin U. Stephens, Sr., MD, JD

How To Stay Looking Young



Heavenly Melodies

Jazz Fest 2011

Gospel Tent

Tomorrow 1:45pm


Mackie Shilstone

Exercises For Short Time and Small Space