A mess of different fish available in Lake Pontchartrain


by Frank Davis / Fishing Expert


Posted on November 18, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 18 at 7:53 PM

If you're a dedicated fisherman, I want you to know that during this entire coming weekend a whole menagerie of fish species is holding up under the Lake Pontchartrain train trestle.  But. . . shhhhhh!  Keep it kinda quiet.

“I’m recommending that fishermen this Saturday and Sunday use nothing but live shrimp on Carolina rigging,” Capt. Kenny Kreeger, my Lake Pontchartrain TV fishing guide, noted.   “And once you make the cast it is merely a matter of taking the slack out of your line and setting the drag.  The hundreds and hundreds of trout, reds, drum, sheepshead, flounder and several other gamefish will do the rest for you.  You just hold on tight.”

Proper technique requires that you make long casts and attempt to place the bait as close to the train trestle supports as possible.  In fact, if you can even scoot the bait up under the trestle a skosh you’ll experience a lot more action, resulting in a lot more fish in the boat.   A full half-ounce egg sinker placed above 30 pound test leader rigged to a barrel swivel on one end and a 4/0 hook on the other end will prove the right combination for lake fishing this weekend.

“Be sure, Frank, that folks know how to feel the bite,” Kenny added. “They’re going to be fishing against the tide—which has been ripping though all week long at almost a 2-foot range—so they’re gonna have to keep a tight line constantly or they’ll never feel the bite.

“Sometimes it’s a slammin’ attack—other times it’s a mild-mannered bump.  They’re gonna have to be ready to handle either.  Oh, yeah—and the flounder bites especially are so gentle and soft it would be easy to miss them altogether.   Do this. . .whenever what you’re feeling feels like a fish, set the hook!”

One more note: actually filling limits this weekend should be extremely easy to pull off, especially for those anglers who head out early and stake claim to Railroad Marker 174.

Capt. Kenny’s appointment book is filling up rapidly now that the major oil scare issue appears to be over.  “Folks from everywhere are calling again and booking charter trips.  For example, Thanksgiving Day is the only day I don’t fish next week—all the others are solid from daylight to dark.

 So with this in mind, if you want to fish Pontchartrain with Capt. Kenny, or Delacroix with Capt. Ahab, or Lafitte with Capts. Mike or Phil, and Hopedale with Capt. Kerry. . .start dialing now.  It’s always first come first served.  By the way, Capt. Kenny’s number is 985-643-2944. 
Next week, I’ll be totally involved in showing my grandkids how to slice and carve a turducken and telling them the story of Thanksgiving. So as far as fishing is concerned, I’ll hook up with you after Gobble Day and bring you the latest scoop.  Meanwhile, be safe and courteous out there.

Frank D