Fishin' Game report: Speckled Trout At The ICW and MRGO Floodwall


Posted on December 15, 2011 at 7:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 15 at 7:23 PM

Frank Davis / WWL-TV Fishing Expert

One of the undisputable hotspots in the Lake Pontchartrain/Borgne estuary right now is the Intercoastal Waterway along the newly constructed flood wall that runs from the Chef all the way to Hopedale and Shell Beach. And that section closest to Chef Pass is where Frank Davis and his fishing team went this morning with Capt. Kenny Kreeger in search of trout.

“You might want to tell folks, Frank, that by 10:30 am we were back at the dock at Chef Harbor Marina preparing to fillet a mess of nice specks,” Kreeger boasted.

Here’s the whole story:

Fish at a selected spot along the wall, trying to keep about 20 yards off the rocks (since just their presence translates to lot of hang-ups). The best way to choose a good spot is to look for all the other boats clustered together!

Fish the wall past the curve at Bayou Bienvenue. You should see lots of action in the area, like sea life splashing on the surface, pelicans diving into the shallows, gulls feeding in flocks, loons monitoring baitfish just under the ripples, and hosts of diving ducks feasting on whatever’s there for the taking.

Use a 3/8 or 5/8 ounce leadhead jig and bait it with you favorite artificial (today we were using the new Category 5 chartreuse or lime green swimming minnow).

Most often you can use just a straight “swimming” retrieve, slow, steady, and meticulously. There was no jerking, twitching, snapping or popping. Half the time the trout, consistently nice size with only one throwback all day, struck at the lure right at the boat. So you need to be alert for any little disturbance in the line. If you think it’s a “bite,” set the hook!

The Hotwater Canal, the Michoud Slip, the Bulk Plant, and all their adjacent spots have been doing well also.

Best place to launch from is Chef Harbor Marina. Cut into the ICW then intersect with the MRGO when you reach the wall.

You do NOT have to buy live bait right now (Cocahoes, finger mullets, shiners, or shrimp). Artificials are working beautifully. I would, however, bring along a good supply of replacement jigheads as well as rubber or plastic bodies. Regardless of how careful you are, you’re eventually going to get into the rocks, get hung-up, and have to break off and re-tie again.

So if you’re looking for a “good fishin’ spot” close to home this weekend, I suggest you first scout out the Chef , get the lay of the land, and then go back loaded for bear. Who knows? This might even wind up being your favorite fishin’ spot.

Of course, if you want to hedge your bet and get right on the trout right at the right spot, instead of scouting it out for yourself you can always call Capt. Kenny at 985-643-2944 and lock him in for a fun-fishin’ charter. He does have a number of open dates between now and the first of the year. But you need to book them quick if you’re interested because his calendar always fills up fast!

Now next week, I do one last trip before Christmas and that’s at Hopedale with Capt. Kerry Audibert . I’ll let you know what’s the story there the minute we get back to Breton Sound Marina. But until next week, tight lines and good times to ya!