Hopedale rocks holding big trout



Posted on May 12, 2011 at 5:17 PM

Updated Thursday, May 12 at 10:31 PM

Frank Davis / Fishing Expert

The hottest spot right now--and probably the most productive at Hopedale--is the rocks" (both the long rocks and the short rocks). What you do is Leave Beton Sound Marina, bypass the new dam in the channel, and head straight down the waterway until you get to the end of the jetties. This is where your fishing should begin:

1--Tie on a rattling or popping cork;
2--Add a leader under the cork about 2-1/2 feet long;
3--Affix a Kahl hook to the leader;
4--Bait up with live shrimp (or tie on a Redbone Speculizer);
5--Cast so that the terminal rigging is about 6 feet off the rocks;
6--Hold on!

"We've been catching trout anywhere from 14 inches all the way up to 22 inches," Capt. Kerry Audibert reluctantly admitted. "And based on what's happening right now I suspect we're going keep tearing 'em up all the way though fall."

Just for the record, Bay Eloi, the Sound itself, and all the water lying below the primary spots, are all open territory which can become quite rough when a storm kicks up. Besides, if you're not familiar with the waterways, it's a good idea to make the first few trips under the watchful eye of a professional guide. Not only will you learn the spots from a competent teacher, you'll probably be "on fish" right from the gitgo. To call Capt. Kerry for example, dial 504-259-5304. Remember, it's always first come first served.

Now according to our crack weather team, the weekend fishing possibilities seem to be awesome, with only a slight chance for a few scattered showers through Monday.

"But more importantly," Frank, "it looks like we're gonna get a break from the wind. That means even all the way to the outside is gonna be fishable!"

I'm aware--especially from the fisherman's point of view--that the influence of the river water through the spillways is of great interest. So I hashed it all out with Capt. Kerry this morning:

"Frank, I don't see the openings of Bonnet Carre nor Morganza to be of any severe consequence to us. Probaby what will happen is the murky river water will push the fish ahead of the plumes in Lake Pontchartrain and eventually into Lake Borgne. Come later this summer after everything peaks out, the sound and the coastal waterways are gonna be so good for fishing it's gonna be ridiculous! Bay Eloi is gonna be on fire this year!"

Meanwhile, Capt. Kerry and I both recommend you put together a fishing trip for this weekend. Just follow what we've suggested, get out there for the break of dawn, and make plans for a good friends-and-family fishfry.

Next week we actually get out into Lake Pontchartrain. I'll give y'all a first hand account the minute I get back to the dock. Meanwhile, be courteous and wear your life jacket!

Frank D