Lafitte's Little Lake full of trout, reds and bass


Posted on July 14, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Updated Saturday, Jul 16 at 5:22 PM

Frank Davis / Fishing Expert

If fishing happens to be on your agenda for the weekend, Little Lake below Lafitte just happens to be home right now to bass, reds, and trout. . .and I want y’all to know firsthand that they're biting fast and furiously on just about anything you throw in the water.

“Here's what you tell the folks to do, Frank,” Capt. Mike Helmer said encouragingly. Simply head down the Rigolettes, make your way to the western side of Little Lake, especially right at daybreak, and you'll have no problem whatsoever filling an ice chest with a mixed catch. Every one of those species is taking either gold weedless spoons or glow-in-the-dark plastic shrimp about 18-inches under a popping or chugging cork.”

Capt. Mike insists that with any kind of luck you'll be able to invite your family, plus all your special friends, to an old-fashioned weekend fish fry. And because what you’ll catch will most probably be largemouth bass and redfish, as well as some nice size speckled trout, you’ll be able to prepare them a variety of ways, from grilling to broiling to pan frying.

“There are a few things weekend fishermen need to know, though,” Capt. James Wilson added. “One—the earlier the better to get started. These fish right now are working on a sunrise bite. It’s cooler in the early morning, the reflections on the water are not as startling to the fish as they would be in bright sunlight, and the temperature is much more pleasant for the fisherman.

“Two—use two rods and reels: one for spincasting plastic beetles and grubs, and the other for casting and retrieving a quarter-ounce gold spoon. You are going to use them interchangeably depending upon how thick the grasses and hyacinths are in each particular area. Based on ecology in each location, you can attach the popping cork to either the plastics or to the spoon.

“Three—whether you decide to go with the plastics or the spoons, do not utilize a straight retrieve. You got to give the lure action. . .got to make it look very much alive. . .got to make it an adversary. Right now, that tactic will get you explosive strikes from trout, reds, and bass.”

Both Mike and James will also tell you that a popping, snapping, jerking, and twitching action will also induce an increased number of strikes. So be sure you employ them all periodically. And toss the weedless spoon right into the grass and hyacinths. . .then rip it out of there, creating a froth on the water. Of course, once you do this you’ll need to hold on tight because generally an all-out attack will follow.

Make no mistake about it, though, you will have to utilize finesse. You can’t just throw out the lure and expect the fish to pick it up, hook himself, and then jump into the boat and give himself up. Technique is important, and the more experienced the angler the better the catch will be.

Now if you should need the pro touch, you can call either Capt. James or Capt. Mike at Robichaux Charters and book them for your next fishing trip. Simply call 329-8005 ASAP. Remember, this time of year they book well in advance, so don’t procrastinate. And besides that. . .the fish are waiting for you!

P.S. Coming soon. News about the reopening of the Frank Davis Fishing Pier under Seabrook!