One year later, fish jumping again at Cocodrie


Posted on April 21, 2011 at 3:52 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 21 at 7:01 PM

COCODRIE, LA - On the fishing scene, if you're an dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool, angler you know that only a scant handful of people have fished consistently anywhere in southeast Louisiana since the BP blowout shut down sports fishing for practically every species a year ago.

But my fishing team and I confirmed conclusively today that while the Cocodrie area, for example, during this period has been practically off limits to all anglers, the action down there right now is definitely coming back with a vengeance. Make a note of this:

In a little under three hours, myself and Coco Marina owner Johnny Glover, along with 3 visiting anglers from Colorado, managed to put a big mess of big trout in our boat. Later that same night, on my “Fishin’ Game Show” on television, we showed you how you can do the same this weekend.

“To reiterate, find clean water, find good tide movement, fish bottom by cast and retrieve, use a quarter-ounce round unpainted jighead, attach either a blue moon color or an Opening Night color to the jig, and slowly--slowly--bring the bait back to the boat,” Glover explained in detail.

“Both white and speckled trout will be interested in your presentation and with any kind of luck at all you’ll find a pattern that will help you catch your limit within the span of a morning on the water. By the way, Frank, only a meager majority will be throwbacks.”

The pros at Coco recommend that you attempt to get out on the fishing grounds to take advantage of a “sunrise bite.” Much of the action this past week happened early—say from 6:30 up until about 10. After that, the winds picked up to between 20 to 25 and gusty and the feeding slowed way down. But when it was on. . .”it was on!”

Capt. Eugene Foret, who operates the Coco fishing boat “Bushwacker,” said that on Tuesday, for example, fishermen brought in 125 trout plus a mixed catch. Then again, on Wednesday, another 125 trout and another mixed bag were returned to the dock. He admitted that he felt no doubt that had we had a little longer to fish, he would have had to clean yet another 125 trout. Not too shabby from a place that’s been minimally fished since May of 2010, huh?

“But Frank, the word is getting out there,” Glover concluded. “Serious anglers are hearing that fishing is about to bust wide open and they’re booking.

Even fishermen with their own boats are making arrangements to come down and use our back down ramp. Things are about to start happening again!”

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered at the facility or if you want to inquire about accommodation reservations or a fishing charter, you can call Johnny, Joanie, or Michael Glover at 985-594-6626. But may I suggest that you don’t procrastinate. Cocodrie is an extremely popular fishing spot.

Now, next week, I’ll move back “inside” for trout, reds, flounder, drum, and sheepshead that have not yet transitioned to deeper water. We’ll see what the firsthand story is there and let you know what we learned right here and on TV too.

Meanwhile, be safe and be courteous. There’s enough fishing to be had for all of us and more than enough water to fish in!

Frank Davis