Fishing Report: Sometimes they bite, sometimes they don’t!


Posted on March 17, 2011 at 5:47 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 17 at 5:49 PM

Frank Davis, WWL-TV Fishing Expert


As I’ve told y’all many, many times. . . sometimes they bite and sometimes they don't. This past Thursday, they didn't bite. So out of 5 boats filled with veteran anglers, up until about noon these guys brought a total of only 3 fish over the gunwales.

Of course, if you were to ask them why, they’d say adamantly that it was unquestionably because Thursday happened to be only 2 days out of a frontal system and the fish—particularly trout and reds—were still swimming around with their low-pressure-induced bellyaches. In the end, that was the bad news.

The good news, though, is the fish at this time of year really are all over the Barataria System, which means that this Saturday and Sunday ought to be a fantastic fishing--and catching-- weekend.

When I asked Capt. James Wilson, my charter guide this past Thursday, exactly whereabouts the weekend guys should try first, he replied, “Fish trout and reds along the deeper portions on the outside edge of the inside ponds, fish ‘em under a popping or chugging cork 14-inches deep, and use your favorite ‘glo in the dark’ plastic lure, tipped in chartreuse dye, on a quarter-ounce unpainted leadhead jig.”

Capt. James also noted that a few fish weekenders will catch might be throwbacks, so treat them really gently so as not to injure them; but most fish will be “legal” 13 to 18 inchers.

Once again if you’re concerned about what time to get up to go fishing, Capt. James gave me his word that all of you can feel confident “sleepin’ in.”

“It’s early March,” he explained, “transition time is underway, water early in the morning is still rather chilly, and the sun needs to come out and stay out for a while to heat the water and coax the fish into feeding. So if you get up at 4 am and get out on the water for 5, you’ll be sitting there in the dark by yourself shivering until about 9 o’clock. Wait a while—let the water warm before trying to catch these guys.”

Okay—so now for the confession:

Did the fishing team and I really and truly catch only 3 fish this Thursday?

No—we actually caught 5. But we picked up the last two by chance on the way back in to the marina. No worries, though, mate! We gave the trip a good ol’ All American shot and never gave up until it was time to go edit the TV piece. And I’m serious about this Saturday and Sunday—all my data indicates a magnificent weather weekend in the making. And that’s what you need to “smoke” these trout. Promise!

Finally, if you got no way to fish the massive Barataria complex and you want to get right on the fish without having to figure out where you are when you get lost on your own, why not give either James, or Mike, or “The Other Mike” a call at Phil Robichaux’s office and book a bona fide charter. The numbers are 504-689-8828 or 504-329-8005 or 504-689-7200.

Now next week I once again climb aboard with Captain Ahab and check out the fishin’ action down at Delacroix Island. I’ll let each of you in on the skinny the moment I get back to the dock. Till then…

Tight lines and good times to you:

Frank Davis